Meeting, pick up and drop off instructions for our cruise guests.

After getting off the ship onto the dock proceed to shore where you will
walk through the Adventure Center and exit through the clearly marked door number 2.  Follow the path and signs to the Excursions Hub (An outdoor waiting area) where Teresa will be waiting for you with a sign that says Glacier Wind Charters.  The walk from the dock to the Excursion Hub is approximately 10 minutes.  If you need any assistance please call or text Teresa at 907-978-9651.

Once you have met Teresa, she will transport you to the harbor where you will board our boat. We will provide return transport for you at the end of the trip if you wish. The walk back to the port is approximately one and a half miles and on a nice day many opt to walk back and explore town along the way. We are happy to take you all of the way back or even part way if you prefer to enjoy a walk for part of the distance.

Our Contact Cell Phone is 907-978-9651 if you have any questions or concerns on or before your scheduled excursion.

Updated 9/234/2017